Claude Lanzmann

Variations on the Real

After his monumental Shoah (1985), Claude Lanzmann made an extraordinary diptych to recall the Holocaust. In Un vivant qui passe (1997), he deals with the story of Maurice Rossel, the only Red Cross representative to visit Auschwitz, who wrote a report stating that he saw "no atrocities". Sobibor (2001) takes up another episode from Shoah: the escape of a group of Jews from a death camp based on the story of Yehuda Lerner, who was 17 when his part in a carefully planned revolt was to split open the head of a Nazi officer with an axe.

Part 1
Un vivant qui passe
, Claude Lanzmann, 1997, 60', 35 mm

Part 2
Sobibor, 14 octobre 1943, 16 heures
, Claude Lanzmann, 2001, 95', 35 mm

10 June 2007
The Auditorium