Black Films

Absolute darkness is the maximum of light. When it is dark, certain perceptive reactions appear in the viewer; to escape the darkness, her eyes shine more. Black projects a constant variety of images, visions full of enigmatic or disturbing questions about the dark destiny of human nature. Beyond its use as a mere punctuation mark in the habitual filmic universe, the films of Aldo Tambellini, Nicky Hamlyn, Phil Solomon and Ben Rivers explore the expressive and perceptive possibilities of this blind spot and singular empty space of the screen, primitively trawling the medium. The darkness in these films is a journey to the centre of the nocturnal world of the “non-image” with mystical and political connotations. [Screening in 16 mm.]

Black Is, Aldo Tambellini, USA, 1965, 4 min.; Transit of Venus, Nicky Hamlyn, UK, 2005, silent, 2 min.; Nocturne, Phil Solomon, USA, 1980, silent, 10 min.; Blackout, A. Tambellini, USA, 1965, silent, 9 min.; Black Trip I, A. Tambellini, USA, 1965, 4 min.; Black Trip II, A. Tambellini, USA, 1967, b/w, 3 min.; Moonblack, A. Tambellini, USA, 1965-1968, 5 min.; Psalm III: Night of the Meek, P. Solomon, USA, 2002, 24 min.; Black TV, A. Tambellini, USA, 1968, 10 min.; Black Plus X, A. Tambellini, USA, 1966, 9 min.; The Coming Race, Ben Rivers , UK, 2006, 5 min.

1 December 2011
The Auditorium
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