A Mov(i)e

A workshop on audiovisual creation from the body


The most immediate way we have to relate to the world is through the body and the senses. In this workshop, given by Ana Pfaff and Ariadna Ribas (Dostopos), we will place the body in the center so that, from there, we will be able to reflect on cinematographic creation.

"In our experience as filmmakers and editors associated with the world of dance, structures that are most similar to those of music, dance or body awareness work can be very useful to enhance the non-rational relationship with images. In this workshop, we will pay special attention to our senses, to open our perception to what surrounds us and to connect with our physical sensations to become aware of how we relate to the visual and the sound from those places.

The workshop consists of two blocks. A first theoretical, reflective part, in which we will try to think about the body as a tool or source of experimentation in connection with images and sounds and how it is integrated into our work as assemblers. And a second practical part, more extensive, in which we will try to become more aware of our bodies to open the possibility of working and exploring from a place not only intellectual or mental but also physical. Based on a series of exercises in body awareness and movement, we will reflect on and try to inhabit such important concepts for filmmaking as the relationship with space and time, distance, rhythm, listening, balance, gaze or the connection and affectation between things and bodies.

Intended for people related to the audiovisual world, but also to photography, plastic arts, or any form of creation, who want to relate to the image from a more physical and intimate, experimenting with his own body. All those people who have an interest in working with the body and the cinema."

30 and 31 January 2021

Saturday: 11:00 - 14:00 / 16:30 - 19:30

Sunday: 10:00 - 14:00

Sala Raval Conference Room
Admission fee

€18 (€12 reduced)


Registration in person at the CCCB box office ( / tel. 933 064 100) or online at Eventbrite.

Enrollment limited to 16 participants per group.