Ulrike Müller

"Ulrike Müller is a Vienna-born, New York-based artist who, for the past ten years has created a feminist, theoretical, and frankly activist body of work that situates art making as means to (en)action. Müller is deeply involved with both language and body as vehicles of human expression. Through her conscious manipulation of both, she goads viewers to critically examine the motives, as well as the very means, of communication between the artist and the spectator, the speaker and the listener. Since 2005, Müller has been the co-editor of the queer feminist journal LTTR. “New York Times” has previously been exhibited, most recently, as an installation at Orchard, New York. For The Sound of Things it has been re-mastered for single-channel listening." – Laura Hoptman, New Museum, New York, 2008

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