Timoleon Wilkins

(1969 - )

Timoleon Wilkins has been making Super 8 and 16mm films for over twenty-five years. Using the materials of amateur cinema, he has created a personal and poetic work inspired by the masters of North American avant-garde cinema, particularly Stan Brakhage, Nathaniel Dorsky and Bruce Baillie.

Working on the edge of celluloid's obsolescence, and true to the tools of the amateur filmmaker (Bolex camera, reversal film, no sound or non-synchronous sound), Wilkins crafts sumptuous images on Kodachrome and Ektachrome film that resonate with a static love of color and contrast, discovering beauty amidst the untenable reality of modern life and the challenge of digital technology. Although starting from a concept, he likes to embrace spontaneity and intuition in the shooting and editing of a film, making it a process of constant discovery that flirts with the lyrical, the comic, the narrative, the metaphorical and the mystical.

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