Film critic, filmmaker and professor

Pablo Marín

Pablo Marín (Buenos Aires, 1982) is a critic, filmmaker and teacher. He directed the collection of books about film for El Cuenco de Plata publishers and worked as an editorial assistant at Caja Negra Editora. His translations include Por un arte de la visión: escritos esenciales by Stan Brakhage (Eduntref, 2014), Escritos sobre cine norteamericano, by J. Hoberman (El Cuenco de Plata, 2016) and Fluxus escrito (Caja Negra Editora, 2019). As a researcher and independent curator, he has given talks and organized programmes of Argentinian film in the USA, Canada, Spain, Austria, Finland and Switzerland, and formed part of the research team on the project Ism Ism Ism: Experimental Cinema in Latin America of the Los Angeles Filmforum and the Getty Foundation. His films have been shown and received awards at international festivals and museums. He teaches at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires and, since 2014, has coordinated the audiovisual archive of the Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno. In 2022, he published the book Una luz revelada: El cine experimental argentino (La Vida Útil, 2022).

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