Experimental Filmmaker

Hans Scheugl

Hans Scheugl was born in Vienna in 1940. In January 1968, he founded the Austria Filmmakers Cooperative together with Ernst Schmidt Jr., Kren, Weibel, Valie Export and Gottfried Schlemmer, resulting in joint screenings in Austria, Germany, Amsterdam and London (Arts Lab) and various political activities in the spirit of that year.

Scheugl’s work as a filmmaker developed in various directions. His first film Militia Early Morning (1966) and later The Place of Time and What the Night Speaks (1985) are experimental feature films. Structural means he used in films like Wien 17, Schumanngasse (1967) and Hernals (1967), examine the relation of time in reality and film. In 1968, he became widely known as a protagonist of Expanded Cinema (zzz: hamburg special). 

In the 1970s he withdrew from filmmaking and published various books. Eine Subgeschichte des Films (together with Ernst Schmidt Jr.) has become a standard work on avant-garde film since. He currently lives in Vienna. 

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