Frederic Amat

Frederic Amat's dedication to painting does not prevent him from exploring other horizons, travelling with insatiable curiosity through life, its geography and different forms of artistic expression. His art bears the imprint of the North of Africa, of Mexico, of New York and of India... His most important retrospective was presented during 1993-94 at the Rufino Tamayo Museum in Mexico City, the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona and at the Institute of America in Santa Fe, Granada. He has exhibited works in Paris (1976), Milan (1980), Bonn (1981), Berlin (1982), San Francisco (1988) and New York (1984, 1987, 1992).
He has created sets for theatre and dance performances, prominently including: The Public, by Federico García Lorca(1986), Tirano Banderas, by Ramón Valle-Inclán (1992), Waiting for Godot, by Samuel Beckett (1999) and Preludis, by Cesc Gelabert (2002). He directed the show Zum-zum-ka (1998), together with Cesc Gelabert, and the opera Oedipus Rex, by Ígor Stravinsky and Jean Cocteau (2001).

He has also directed the films Trip to the Moon (1998), with script by Federico García Lorca, and Foc al Càntir (2000), with script by Joan Brossa. In recent years he has worked on different mural projects: Mural de les Olles (2001), Mural Pits de Gallifa (2002) and on stained glass, Bestial (2002).

Has participated in