Researcher and film critic

Fèlix Maisel

Fèlix Maisel Licerán is a researcher and film critic in formation. He has studied Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University, where he specialized in comparative cinema and cinematographic hermeneutics. His Final Degree Project studies the visual motif of heads or tails to determine the ethical-aesthetic conflicts between chance, predestination, and free will.

He has investigated the narrative intersections between cinema and architecture. In his academic essay Digital Spheres, Afrofuturism and Terrestrial Globalization in “Black Panther”, published in Transit: cine y otros desvíos and the Portuguese magazine Argumento as part of the special dossier “Cinema, post-truth, and bubbles”, Maisel approaches the Afrofuturist movement through the lens of Peter Sloterdijk’s theory of spheres, showing the link that exists between the architecture of today’s metropolises and the effects derived from globalization. His ongoing research explores the presence of Islamic art and philosophy in classical and contemporary Arab cinema, specifically focusing on the study of desert imagery.

He is part of the young critics of Barcelona, ​​which is why he has participated in a special episode of EAM podcast centered on the discussion of today’s state of film criticism. He regularly writes texts about cinema and television.

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