Barbara Rubin

Legendary figure of the underground community in New York, Barbara Rubin, hired by Jonas Mekas at the Film-makers’ Coop in New York, has frequented many major artists including Robert Frank, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Smith or Andy Warhol. According Jonas Mekas' testimony, Barbara Rubin has been "the glue between the different factions of artists", introducing, for exemple, the Velvet Underground to Andy Warhol. In 1963, she directed Christmas on Earth – her only film, screened on two superposed screens - a transgressif film inspired by the poem "A Season in Hell" written by Arthur Rimbaud in 1873. In combining through an orgiastic ritual, the self-destructive passions of the young filmmaker - 17 year old at this time - and the aspirations of emancipation from her time, Christmas on Earth became quickly a totemic artwork of the underground scene.


(Biography from Centre Pompidou)

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