Adrian Martin

Adrian Martin is an Australian-born film & arts critic and audiovisual essayist now based in Spain, lecturer at the Elías Querejeta Film School in San Sebastián, and Adjunct Professor of Film and Screen Studies, Monash University. He is the author of nine books including Filmmakers Thinking (EQZE, 2021), Mysteries of Cinema (University of Western Australia Publishing, 2020), Mise en scène and Film Style (Palgrave, 2014), Last Day Every Day (Punctum, 2012), ¿Qué es el cine moderno? (Uqbar, 2008), The Mad Max Movies (Currency, 2003), Once Upon a Time in America (BFI, 1998) and Phantasms (Penguin, 1994). He is a regular contributor of DVD audio commentaries internationally, and his archive covering 40 years of work is

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