Visions of Barcelona

Xcèntric Archive

Barcelona has often aroused the interest of various filmmakers, both foreign and local, who've wanted to express their own particular view of the city, using their cameras to turn it into an object of reflection, contemplation or the setting for a story. This selection of films from the Xcèntric Archive brings together some of these views, offering a journey through both space and time to observe, perceive and (re)discover the city from new perspectives.

Gaudí asesinado por un tranvía, Jorge Honik, 1968, 2’26’’

Divided into two distinct parts, the images of Gaudí asesinado por un tranvía (Gaudí killed by a tram) highlight the contrast between the Modernist, organic shapes of the Sagrada Família and the rational, grey architecture of Barcelona's modern industrial districts and massive blocks of flats.

Film-Gaudí, Claudio Caldini, 1975, 5’50’’

Based on the same fragmentary logic of Antoni Gaudí's trencadís or "broken tile" technique, in this film the Argentinean cineaste roams freely through Park Güell, building up an elaborate spatial portrait frame by frame.

22arroba, Maximiliano Viale, 2008, 4’48’’

Bearing witness to the city's transformation, this film records the demolition of old buildings at the start of the 22@ project in the Poble Nou district. Using different techniques to directly manipulate frames of the Super 8 film, the aim is to abstractly represent a transformation that's full of chaos, noise and dust.

Preludio, Albert Alcoz, 2011, 3’

The iconic German Pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich becomes the focus of this experiment. By playing with filming speeds, the amount of light passing through the diaphragm and a curtain of water in front of the lens, the straight forms of the building's architecture are distorted, blurred and abstracted.

Deux Fois, Jackie Raynal, 1969, 65’

In her first film as a director, Jackie Raynal shot this abstract feminist essay in Barcelona in just nine days, reflecting on issues such as self-representation, the perception of memory and the representation of the female figure.

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