Quantum perceptions

Xcèntric Archive

On the occasion of “Quantum”, we have selected 8 pieces of the Xcèntric Archive that encourage us to reflect on our equivocal observation of the world. Precisely, the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze had analysed different topological temporalities (including quantum) through the narrative transformation and the use of space in different filmmakers. With a certain relationship to said paradoxes, here we present approaches, both abstract and concrete, to perceptual, temporal, mathematical, spatial or generative questions with some pieces of experimental cinema.

Ballet 16, Peter Tscherkassky, 1984, 3 min

In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni, Jorge Cosmen, 2003, 9 min

Impromptu, Rose Lowder, 1989, 8 min

Spheres, Norman McLaren y René Jodoin, 1969, 7 min

Two times in one space, Ivan Ladislav Galeta, 1985, 12 min

Change, Linda Christanell, 1978, 1 min

Déjeneur du Matin, Patrick Bokanowski, 1974, 11 min

Street of Crocodiles, Quay Brothers, 1986, 21 min

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