Xcèntric Focus

Jodie Mack. «Dusty Stacks of Mom» by Paula Arantzazu

April 2021

Paula Arantzazu, professor and film critic, presents Dusty Stacks of Mom: the Poster Project. Interweaving the forms of personal filmmaking, abstract animation, and the rock opera, this animated musical documentary examines the rise and fall of a nearly defunct poster and postcard wholesale business. Using alternate lyrics as voice over narration, the piece adopts the form of a popular rock album reinterpreted as a cine-performance.

Dusty Stacks of Mom: the Poster Project, Jodie Mack, United States, 2013, 16 mm / DV, 41 min

This film was available during the month of April 2021 (only in Spain). Digital copy courtesy of Jodie Mack.

Special thanks to the Catalan Association of Film Criticism and Writing (ACCEC). Xcèntric Focus header clip fragment courtesy of Laida Lertxundi (Farce Sensationelle, 2009).