Xcèntric Focus

Adam Cohen. «Fire of time» by Adrián Sánchez

September 2022

Adrián Sánchez
Adam Cohen

A lecturer and PhD student in Communication, Adrián Sánchez presents Fire of Time by Adam Cohen. The Raval district of Barcelona is the setting for this urban symphony set in the mid-1990s, a time when the neighbourhood was becoming gentrified. From a social perspective, focusing on the phantasmagoria of the streets, Cohen films this "Barrio Chino" or Chinatown as if it were inhabited by spectres from the past, thereby examining the place occupied by subject, memory and time in a mutating urban setting such as contemporary cities.

Fire of time, Adam Cohen, USA, 2000, Super-8, 28 min

This film was available until 30 September 2022. Digital copy courtesy of Adam Cohen.

Special thanks to the Catalan Association of Film Criticism and Writing (ACCEC). Xcèntric Focus header clip fragment courtesy of Laida Lertxundi (Farce Sensationelle, 2009).