El Mito de Narciso

Narcisa Hirsch defines her film as a "work in progress". It's a kind of autobiography using excerpts from the more than 30 films made by Hirsch throughout her life. From a simple but moving stage, her friend, the theatre director Alberto Félix Alberto, presents some thoughts and questions in front of a projected image of Narcisa, who doesn't interact. This strange dialogue produces a curious effect of both distancing and intimacy. The second person singular poses questions for us and, at the same time, makes us imagine Narcisa's answers, which we'll surely have to look for in the images (or even in ourselves).

In a text she distributed about her work, Hirsch says 'Other lives are possible which, in the imagination, encompass a broader, fuller, totally consummated reality. That’s why filming a life is difficult, and filming your own life impossible. This autobiography is an attempt to talk about this ambiguity, where what could have been is the possibility of a memory, where what happened and what didn't  happen can be remembered in the same way, always mixing what has been lived with what has been imagined'.

Narcisa Hirsch